Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Please, if you have the time and inclination, post this where people can see it? And maybe let people know that there's butter involved. On their hooves, I mean. It might be a clue. Or if there's butter missing, or tracked all over the furniture. It might be these two. It might be something else, but I don't have the energy to worry about that right now.

As I stated in the post below, the reward is simple. Some autographed publicity photos that the cows and I were working on last week. Thank you.

Moo to You -



Anonymous said...

Oh my! I must say I am quite distressed to hear that Fred and Bessie are missing. You see, I had high hopes for my new students. They were quiet, well behaved,and showed great couriousity about learning dispite their obvious handicap (no thumbs). I will keep an eye out for them at school, and you can bet I'll be having a long talk with Sir Squeeks-a-Lot. I apologize for his bullying of Bessie and hope that wasn't the last straw that pushed her over the edge. We all know how difficult it can be to have a new calf at home and to know that Fred wouldn't step in and save her from Squeakers. Well I just hope Fred learned how to bull-up after that and take care of his heffer.

I'm not sure if I should share with the class the dissapearance of our new students. However, they have asked to bring extra desks for them. I think I'll wait and until we get formal word from the authorities. Has there been an Amber alert posted?

I'll keep checking in for new postings.

Mrs. Clark
Elementary School Teacher

Flea said...

Mrs. Clark, I have no earthly idea when the two cows will return. Thank you for keeping this from the children until we have a better idea of what's going on. I hadn't thought of the Amber Alert, but I'll ask the authorities if they can do that for us. They've given us a hard time so far, what with them being ceramic salt and pepper shakers and all. Some people just don't understand.