Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Small Reward Offered in the Disappearance of Cows

Panic is beginning to set in. People, I have asked my children, my Hunny, looked everywhere in the house and car - no cows. I'm on high alert here. In fact, I'm offering a reward for whoever finds them. Nothing big - I still owe the state of Oklahoma money. :( But maybe some autographed photos of the bovines? We were preparing for a local publicity stunt last week, and I was dinking around with Photoshop while Fred and Bessie pushed buttons on the printer (drove me crazy! I kept yelling at them every time they'd make the red light blink frantically. FINALLY got pictures of them printed! And you should have SEEN the ridiculous affair of trying to get those two to sign their names! They can't write - what was I thinking? We threw a lot of them away, but I have a couple of cute shots with their little hoof prints on them).

So I'm thinking they ran away from home. How far could they get, really? And where would they go? I'm going to work, today, on reward posters with their picture to post around the neighborhood and close to home. Probably have the kids out on their bikes asking the neighbor kids if they've seen any suspicious activity.

Help? Please? PLEASE?!? I know we can find them if we work together. Thank you! I love you all! MWAH!

Moo to You!


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