Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a Strong Name

(continued from this post)

Finally! Talking with Perry out of Prissy’s hearing seemed to be the key. Stupid, stupid, stupid! How could he not have thought that Priscilla might be in the vitamin basket? She is so sneaky! Once he had Perry alone, the two were able to brainstorm names for quite awhile. He just knew Perry wasn’t as whipped as all that!

The final list was short, sure, but how many ‘best’ names could there be for his boy? And his favorite was sure to be a winner with Bessie – Magnus. No one would make fun of a little bull named Magnus. Ever. Even the runner’s up were enough to frighten other farm animals – Steele and Lance. All three had a certain ring to them. Noble. Sincere. Earthy, almost, without being kooky. Yes, Bessie was bound to agree to one of them.

As Fred approached the butter dish, his son gamboled out to greet him, eyes crossed while licking the butter off of his nose. Maybe Magnus wasn’t such a great fit after all. No! Fred licked his calf’s head and called for Bessie, not seeing her in the usual spot, resting against the butter. “Bessie!” There she was! Coming around the toaster, Bessie was all smiles, a wicked little glint in her eye. This could not be good. “Bessie, what have you done?”

“Fred! What do you mean? Hello to you, too! Did you and Perry have a nice chat? Don’t look at me like that? Where else would you be without me? Since we’ve had our son, you don’t go any further than Perry’s basket. What’s up?”

Nothing like a cow who thinks she knows everything to disarm a bull. Now what was he thinking when he walked up? Oh! Magnus! “Bessie, I’ve come up with a name that even you will love for our boy – Magnus! It’s strong and virile. None of the other farm animals will make fun of him for it. He’ll grow into it quite nicely. What do you think?”

Bessie looked surprised, as though she’d been caught off guard. In fact, she stood for a moment, quite speechless, until Fred was a little concerned, but pleased. Maybe this really WAS the right name! When she spoke, though, it was his turn to be speechless.

“Well, Fred, I was just talking to Prissy, and I had about decided to name the calf myself, without you. The names you’d chosen till now have all been rather – ridiculous.” The smirk was back, though a little shaky.

(to be continued)


Lori said...

Mangus. Has a good ring to it! My little man will be so happy to know there is a "boy cow"!

TuTu's Bliss said...

Aloha!! I hope you are loving Tulsa. I was born and raised there. Hugs, Jen