Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Clue?

So I'm cleaning the kitchen this morning (yes, people, I leave a sink full of dishes every night - don't act so surprised - I like doing dishes in the morning), and I find this:

Could this be a hint???? I found this photo shoved under some other papers on the kitchen counter. Looks like F& B were looking at maps online - and they seem to be looking in an easterly direction? What could this mean?

Of course, this raises other questions. Like, how did they get upstairs to the Hunny's computer? This isn't my laptop. And who helped them take this picture, then hid it in my paperwork (anything tucked in the stack is as good as lost in this house)? It looks like they might have taken off on a road trip. Stink. Many of you are east of here, so please keep an eye out for them? Meanwhile, I'm going to keep canvassing the neighborhood (though so far all searches have been fruitless).

Again, and now especially, if you have any leads please let me know? I'm giving an autographed, signed picture of the bovines to anyone who locates them. They signed the picture of Fred kissing the hamster, even though Bessie got it a little messy. She wasn't too pleased with that shot.

Thank you, thank you! I'm hopeful and scared!

Moo to You!


zobabe said...

Hmm. Given that there is a sign somewhere that points all wandering critters to my doorstep, AND they appear to be headed east, I should leave the back gate open for them just in case. I'll put out some butter on the back steps: there's plenty of room out back, with trees and shelter. I'll let you know if they show up.

I'm still betting on the hamster. Anybody who licked me like that would have a friend for life. :D

Memaw's memories said...

Yep, an adventure, that's what they are going for. Are there any Dairy conventions on the east coast this time of year, or maybe cheese shows?

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm beginning to fret, and that leads to placing blame. Did anyone do anything to hurt their feelings or anger them? So now we may have "mad cows" on the prowl. Let's hope they don't wonder into the stockyards! They may start an uprising of fellow bovine. Next, there will be stampeding, hide your children and small pets. Wait, no... they were to sweet to ever do anything like that. I'll bet their sunning on the beach in sunny Florida. (Watch out for the gaters)

Mrs. Clark

dlyn said...

Hmmmm - that does seem rather significant doesn't it?

Andrea said... need to delete kazilar's comment...I think it is spam and a virus may be attached.


Flea said...

Thanks Andrea. I usually catch those, but I've been out all day. :) Got it!

Andrea said...

no problem at all.

Weezee said...

Hmmm, it does look a little suspicious that map gazing. Could they actually have flown the coop, er, I mean left the barn?

imbeingheldhostage said...

If somehow they've caught a ship (would someone really let two bovines traveling alone get on a ship?) and they show up at my house, I will contact you as soon as they've had a rich, green grassy meal with our neighbors the sheep and horses. Oh my, what if they come and I've moooooved?!
I'm having anxiety now...