Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Seeing Eye Cows

As Bessie's wont to say, Holy Pie! What a day! It started at 3 AM, with a hail storm, of all things. The bovines slept through it. They were the only ones in town who did. Golf ball sized hail, people! Cars all over town look dimpled, poor things. It seems the Hunny's roof wasn't spared the dimples like we thought.

Once we got up again (it was a long night), Fred and Bessie accompanied me to the optometrist! I went in for the one week check up on my contacts. After the extensive exams I had a couple of weeks ago, I was really hoping that this would be my one and only pair. Alas, it was not to be. The left one actually jumped out of my eye on Saturday while climbing. Just said, "I'm outta here!" and leaped! And my vision has been all "swimmy" all week. She's ordering another pair. I love my eye doctor. Both of them.

One reason I love her so is that her staff, whom I love equally as much *mwah*, let the bovines wander around the office. I'm sure they don't let small children wander the way they did the cows. But before they wandered, they had to be told the rules. The joke was on the staff, though. The bovines can't read! Ha! That didn't seem to stop them from trying though!

The two seemed drawn to this woman who was blowing them kisses. Well ... Fred is checking out the glasses. I think they're a little big for him. We tried them on but they didn't fit so well.

I had no idea Bessie was such a girly girl. I guess the flowered collar should have been a give away, but seriously! She climbs, she's been thrown in jail, she gets all messy with crawfish and she licks the butter, for Pete's sake! Shh! She doesn't know that I know about the butter.

But here's the proof: she's posing with the pink Candies! Rather fetching, isn't it, pink on Bessie? I think I like her girly.

Of course Fred had to get his macho self in on the action. Personally, I was pleased with the backdrop, but I think he's sending mixed messages. The poor bull doesn't know which end is up.

He and Bessie seemed to like the mirror the most. In fact, I practically had to peel the two of them away. The kind lady who always remembers my name and the children's came in to fit someone for frames and needed the mirror, but it practically took an act of congress to convince these two that it wasn't designed specifically for them! Vanity, thy name is Kow. They do make a handsome couple, but they need to learn a little self control. You'd think they'd never seen a mirror! Wait ... I don't think they have ...

We finally made it out of the frame room and back to the receptionist's desk, where the nice lady waited for the cows. Alright, she was really waiting for me, but Fred and Bessie don't know that, so just hush. They think she's a fan!

So there's our day out and about. The bovines seem to be getting the hang of traveling and I've found them more than once waiting by the door. They're worse than the dogs! We'll see what adventures await tomorrow!

Moo to You!


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pam said...

It's ridiculous how much enjoyment I get out of 'the cow tales'!!! But thanks...