Monday, April 7, 2008

Day Tripping

Just so you know, I may or may not come back to the tale of the calf. I think I'll have to, if only so the calf is named. In the meantime, Fred and Bessie have been having real life adventures! Today they made it as far as the Panera on the corner. They found a comfy corner where we could sip our coffee and eat our pastry. What good cows they are.

They're holding our spot so no one takes the chairs. Smart thinking, bovines! It worked, too, and no one dared take either my camera or my purse while they held down the fort. Yeah, I love Tulsa.

Sitting next to them was the perfect sign, see? Savor two favorites! I do! I do!

While my friend and I chatted, F&B were busy little cows. Too busy. I was so wrapped up in the conversation that I forgot about my chocolate pastry and coffee. Next
thing I know, I look down to see this:

Bad cows! Bad!!! No more Panera for you! How on earth the two of them managed to finish off my entire pastry and coffee, I'll never know. I'm just grateful that the coffee came with refills. Those stinkers.

So I went back for a second cup, as did my friend. They didn't go near her bagel, but I'm pretty sure that's because it was in a paper bag and the rustling paper would have tipped us off to their activity.

We went back to our delighful conversation, and next thing I knew, I looked down to see this! Those sneaky little bovines were trying to snag the coffees AGAIN!

This time I put them in my purse. They stayed there for the rest of the conversation. So there's a tip to you, when the little ones continue to misbehave. Stick 'em in your purse. Works like a charm.

Moo to You!



Weezee said...

Oh man Flea!
I'm on pins and needles about Fred and the calf and Bessie was so brave, and you know I'm in a weakened state with the plague and all! I may as well go to bed now.

noble pig said...

Oh no! Not formica fields!!!!!!!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ooh, I'm gonna need a bigger purse....