Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Good, Strong Lead

An anonymous tip leads me to believe that Fred and Bessie are traveling to New York. I looked into the tips about their new modeling career, but nothing came of it. It seems someone with an airbrush, a clever someone, has touched up another pair of cows to make them closely resemble my cows. I know my cows, though, and they ain't mine. No, they're almost definitely working their way to New York.

The anonymous tipsters - I call them that for good reason - left a tiny note, written in ketchup on my kitchen counter. There were multiple red hoof marks - little split hooves - all around the note. I wish I'd taken a picture, but the Hunny took the camera with him to Cub World (he's on a camping trip with the boys). It said, "The kowz r gon to Nu Yrk. Dont look fer them heer nymoor." Took me awhile to decipher it. By then the ketchup was a sticky and stinky and I scrubbed the counter. But I'm pretty sure it means, "The cows are gone to New York. Don't look for them here anymore."

So anyone out there, in that vicinity, please keep an eye open for my little darlings. If you see them, please try and find out why they left? I'm going to light a candle here and hope for the best.

Moo to You -


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dlyn said...

Well, I live in NY, so I will keep an eye out for them and let you know if I hear anything. It's a big state though, so I can't promise much. It actually looks to me as though Bessie may be exploiting herself for some dough: