Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hello! I'm awake! And the cows have been found! I know they were recovered days ago, but I've been out of it and haven't kept you all abreast of the situation. My most humble apologies.

Last I apprised you, Fred & Bessie were somewhere in Santa Fe, supposedly kidnapped, waiting for a large shipment of butter and chocolate to help them escape. I was having trouble getting them home, or anywhere else.

Enter the caped crusader, the defender of small ceramic cows, friend of bovine lovelies - Asthma Girl! She swooped in and save the day! I hope she's not regretting that decision. It seems Fred and Bessie are devouring all of her dairy products.

Thank you all for your attention to the kownapping, your suggestions in the matter. I'm so glad they're in safe hands. It seems we'll have to teach Bessie to read a map. We all know Fred won't read one. Or stop and ask for directions.

Moo to You!


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Cloudia said...

Very Moooooo-ving post!
Aloha from Waikiki-